Episode 64 with Fr. David Gunter

Today Fr. David Gunter discusses how we are living in difficult times and a spiritual battle.

He explains the origin of the St. Michael prayer; in it we ask for protection from the wickedness and snares of the devil.

How the Devil Works

Two of the ways Satan works is through fear and the vice of impurity. There is rampant fear these days with COVID, forced vaccinations, open borders in the United States, economic worries with inflation, and much hatred and division.

God's Weapons Against the Devil

We need the gifts of wisdom and understanding.

We should read Scripture, pray from the heart, and trust in God in all situations, never being afraid to stand up for human life and religious freedoms.

Scripture tells us to “gird our loins” for the battle is near, and put on the breastplate of righteousness.

To ”shod your feet with the gospel of peace” means to live the gospel of love and try to do God’s Will in all things. The message of Jesus Christ is one of hope; Satan preaches hopelessness and despair. No one really knows the time or place except the Father, and we must be like the virgins who kept oil in their lamps and were ready when needed.

You can visit Fr. Gunter's website at www.thecomingtriumph.org. The trailer for the series can be viewed there as well.

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