Episode 24 with Dr. Mariana Giron


What is holistic medicine and how is it practiced at Life Choices Medical?

Holistic medicine is the practice of addressing all aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in order to improve one’s well-being.

With faith as the foundation, holistic medicine is available to all ages and all walks of life. Many times medical practitioners look at a single complaint and try to treat that symptom, rather than asking questions that may determine the cause of the problem.

How holistic medicine differs from current medical practices

The benefit of holistic medicine begins with the attempt to address stressors going on in daily life.

Stress is a key role in sickness, especially mental and emotional. Holistic medicine focuses on nature and nurture in life with hopes to cure the issue rather than temporarily fix it with medication. At times, medication is a necessary tool to treat the complication.

A different method of birth control or birth success and how it works

A method of natural birth control, NaPro, is using the woman’s body temperature, vaginal mucus changes, and charting the menstrual cycle the woman is able to determine when ovulation occurs.

Though it's the woman’s body, it's a team effort between the husband and wife. This method obviates the use of medications in the body that alter the natural state of a woman’s body. Instead, it uses normal body function to determine ovulation. The success rate is between 95%-99% if one is taught correctly by an instructor. 

As one uses it to determine ovulation and prevent pregnancy, it can also be used by infertile couples to help them conceive. And the cost is negligible.

The lies of the morning after pill/plan B

What has been hidden from the public is the truth behind the morning after pill.

Previously, the definition of pregnancy was that life begins after conception when the sperm enters the egg. Years ago, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists changed the meaning of pregnancy and defined it as a fertilized embryo that has implanted in the uterine wall. This means, if you take the pill before the embryo has implanted, you are to believe that it is not an abortion pill.

Sadly, this is not the truth.

We are to hold firm that life begins at conception and an after pill is a means for an abortion since the child has already been conceived from the egg and the sperm.

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