Episode 122, Worldwide Evangelist on the Power of St. Michael



Meet Father Peter Prusakiewicz: A Michaelite Father with a Divine Mission

Father Peter Prusakiewicz, a Michaelite Father, has dedicated his life to spreading God's love and the message of Divine Mercy to people around the world. Raised in Poland, Father Peter is part of the Congregation of St. Michael the Archangel, a community of brothers and priests who focus on the ethical and educational formation of youth. While on a retreat as a young man, he had a powerful experience with the Holy Spirit and felt even more called to the Order. Today, his passion for his calling is contagious and inspiring.


The Power of St. Michael's Prayer and Divine Mercy

Father Peter shares the origin of the St. Michael the Archangel prayer and how it came about from a vision that Pope Leo X111 had at Mass. He also speaks about how he was introduced to the message of Divine Mercy during his time as a Chaplain for the Sisters of Mercy in Warsaw. The diary of St. Faustina, a woman with limited education, inspired Father Peter to spread the message of God's intense love that knows no bounds. He has since traveled extensively, sharing his love for St. Michael, the holy angels, and the message of Divine Mercy that people so deeply hunger.


The Greatest Happiness: Spreading the Message of God's Love

In these troubled times, Father Peter's mission to spread God's love has become his greatest happiness. He feels like he has a large spiritual family wherever he goes, and his message resonates with people all over the world. If you would like to learn more about Father Peter's mission, visit www.stmichaelthearchangel.info or email [email protected].


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