Episode 90 with Patti Armstrong

Patti Maguire Armstrong is married to her husband Mark and together they share 10 children; she now lives in North Dakota. She is a TV talk show host of Ladies of Another View and an award-winning author and journalist. She was managing editor and co-author of Ascension Press’ bestselling Amazing Grace series and most recently has published "Holy Hacks: Everyday Ways to Live Your Faith & Get to Heaven", available at Ave Maria Press. 

Holiness Begins at Home

As a child, Patti clung closely to her father. While he often spoke little, his words rang with truth and love. He realized that his purpose in life was simple: to love and serve God in this world and to be with him in the next. His witness served as an inspiration in writing her latest book. 

The "Little Way" of St. Therese

Armstrong's first holy hack comes from St. Therese and the “Little Way”. The small gestures we do out of the love of God carry deep value. By keeping our eyes fixed on Christ, we can transform daily tasks into acts of heroic love. Armstrong dove into some concrete ways we can live this out.

Forget Yourself

Chapter two addresses humility, a key virtue in spiritual growth. Armstrong mentioned how a priest friend labels it “self-forgetfulness", the practice of taking the focus off of self and seeing the needs of others. An easy path to humility? Meditating on gratitude throughout the day. 

Hack Your Marriage

Marriages are struggling, divorce is rampant, and unhealthy relationships feel ever-present. But a holy, fulfilling marriage is hard work. Armstrong shares some of her hacks on marriage: patience, a listening ear, and the virtue of silence.

Praise is Prayer

In chapter four, Armstrong discusses the importance of prayer, particularly in modern life. By turning our work into praise, we can find an internal rhythm of peace.

Grudges: A Doorway for Destruction 

Armstrong emphasizes the need for spiritual protection. In our relationships, a lack of forgiveness opens a massive doorway for the evil one. This includes withholding forgiveness from ourselves and believing ourselves unworthy of love due to past mistakes. 

A Book for your Bedside

"Holy Hacks" is a tool that helps modern Christians focus on small spiritual and corporal works of mercy they can complete each day. It is available now at AveMariapress.com.

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