Episode 142, Unveiling the Prophetic Mysteries of Garabandal with Ted Flynn



Ted Flynn, an accomplished author and executive producer of several films, brings his extensive knowledge and historical perspective to his latest book, "Garabandal, The Warning and the Great Miracle," available at www.sign.org, Amazon, and Kindle. 

Learning from the Past

With a background in history and over 40 years of studying Garabandal, Flynn emphasizes the importance of learning from past mistakes to avoid future pitfalls. Drawing on his experiences in Poland and Belarus, he sheds light on the dangers of godless societies, particularly in the context of the Spanish Civil War and its relevance to the Garabandal apparitions, which occurred just 22 years later.

Four Key Components of the Apparitions

Focused on the visions of three young girls from a Spanish village, the apparitions highlight four key components. The first is the warning, also known as the "examination of conscience," revealing the impact of our sins on our lives and others. The warning, to be felt and seen by all, will occur after a Church schism. Following this, a great miracle will unfold, featuring the conversion of Russia and having a profound Eucharistic and Marian nature. Remarkably, this miracle will coincide with a moment when the Church appears at its end, surpassing even the miracle at Fatima.

Extraordinary Details

Flynn's book delves into the details of these extraordinary events, including a permanent sign that will be visible but untouchable—the likes of which have never been seen in history. Concluding the narrative, Flynn tells us about the apparition’s prediction of a period of chastisement contingent upon humanity's response to turning back to God. 

Don't miss this fascinating conversation with him or his excellent book, available at www.sign.org, Amazon, and Kindle.


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