Episode 107, Healing the Feminine Heart from Fear and Shame

Carrie Daunt is associated as a prayer warrior with the John Paul II healing Center based in Tallahassee, Florida. Her father, Dr. Bob Schuchts, founded the ministry and reach people across the country, often at the invitation of parish bishops and priests. Today we discuss her book on healing for women titled, “Undone - Freeing Your Feminine Heart from the Knots of Fear and Shame.” 


The Genesis of this Work

Throughout years of praying with women, Carrie heard one echoing lie repeatedly: women felt that they were the “only ones” that experienced shame and guilt. As she witnessed this common thread it became apparent that much of the healing work with women begins with authenticity and recognizing that before one can heal from the shame one has experienced, one must first know that we are not alone. 


Our Identity is Rooted in Relation

The book is formatted with 4 feminine identities (daughter, sister, bride, and mother), and there are women who tell their stories and witness from these perspectives.  We are all broken; Carrie uses the analogy of the home as heart. When visitors come, we clean up the rooms where they will see, but we all have rooms where there is clutter and a mess of guilt and shame. Contributing women looked at their experiences in the context of the relationship of daughter, sister, bride, and mother and how those areas needed healing for the beauty of authenticity to shine out.


Women's Core Woundedness

Healing is different for women and men in that a woman’s core area of woundedness is her fear of being undesirable. After a wound, she may respond in a variety of ways, including the extremes of letting her health deteriorate and not taking care of herself, or the other extreme of being obsessed with beauty and perfection. Men’s core area of concern is that of inadequacy; am I taking care of my spouse and children, am I being a good enough father? Like a failure to forgive, the wounds of guilt and shame make it difficult for God to enter a soul; that's why breaking down how women can heal from them is so important.


The book, “Undone-Freeing Your Feminine Heart from the Knots of Fear and Shame,” is available at www.jpiihealingcenter.org and their website has many resources for those seeking healing in their lives.



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