Episode 25 with Cassaundra Baber


In today’s show on “Mercy Unbound” Dr. Bryan interviews Cassaundra Baber.

Cassaundra was sexually assaulted years ago in a “date assault” type situation, but she chose not abort her son and carried him to term. Today he is a wonderful engineer with a creative mind and kind spirit.

Doesn’t Part of the Therapy for Treating Rape Involve Aborting the Child?  

Growing up, Cassaundra was taught by her parents about the teachings of Christ and that as one walks through the hills and valleys of life, one must always choose Christ before the world.

She was assaulted at eighteen shortly after starting college, and found out five weeks later that she was pregnant.

Abortion was never an option for her, even when the people around her pressured her that she should get an abortion because nobody would love her and support her. They told her that raising a child would be too difficult.

Today she says that having her child never reminds her of being raped; it's the rapist himself who reminds her of the immense trauma. 

The Truth Will Set You Free

Abortion is a means for population control as said by Margaret Sanger herself, and Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar business that exploits women, especially minorities.

Forty per cent of black American women have an abortion in their lifetime.

Cassaundra says 73% of women who are raped conceive a child. It is our responsibility to find out the truth and live the truth.

Abortion hasn't stopped anything: poverty, abuse, rape, child molesters, etc. It's only created another difficulty for the mother. Nowadays, killing babies is done because of an inconvenience for somebody. The abortion causes trauma to women’s body and leaves the women with internal scars.

Many women have difficulty forgiving themselves after an abortion. But God’s love and mercy is available to all who ask.  

God hates the sin but loves the sinners. His mercy for those who are hurting is so great and unending the human mind cannot comprehend. 

Beware and be warned 

We must stay informed about the evil of abortion and love and respect all human life from conception to natural death.

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