Episode 76 with Trish Short

Trish Short shares with us her life story and conversion.

Years ago she collaborated with the Marian Fathers and wrote a new melody of the Divine Mercy Chaplet titled, “The Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song.” It immediately spread worldwide and became the favorite melody of many.

What Led Her to Divine Mercy

There was infidelity, divorce, and addictions in Trish’s family, and she discusses her failed marriage and two abortions.

Trish was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools, but as life’s struggles took its toll she began church-seeking and found herself in the Assembly of God.  The people loved God, and it began a time of healing. Eventually she found her way back to the Catholic Church and has been involved in pro-life work and the message of mercy for over twenty years.

But It Isn’t Always Easy

Life doesn’t become any easier just because one turns one's life over to God, but she realizes through reading Scripture, living a sacramental life, and prayer that one gets through difficulties having Our Lord and Our Lady at our side. 

Breaking the Curse

She realized the importance of setting a good example and supported her granddaughter, Lee, in difficult times. Trish wanted no more divorce and broken marriages. Her granddaughter recently delivered a baby boy, and Trish and her husband, Matt, pray and offer encouragement and hope to Lee and her family.

The Chaplet for the Dying

Trish recalls praying the chaplet for her parents, and the peaceful death they experienced. Because Trish has experienced the mercy of God, she continues to be a warrior for Christ and realizes that if we allow, good can come out of our trials and sufferings. 

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