Episode 45 with Fr. Eric Weldon

Viva Cristo Rey!

Ever hear someone shout “Viva Cristo Rey” at a conference or prayer meeting! Live Christ the King!

That was the battlecry of the Cristeros - the Catholic rebels who fought the tyrannical Mexican government who had closed churches and banned Masses and disallowed catholic priests to wear the collar. 

In today's interview I speak with Father Eric Weldon, a priest in the diocese of Wichita, Kansas. Together we discuss St. Jose Luis del Rio.

Who was Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio?

Jose Luis Sanchez Del Rio was a fourteen year old farm boy from Mexico who fell in love with his faith after being taught the basics of the faith by his parish priest.

He ended up suffering much and died a martyr for his faith. He was a part of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. It was a civil war against the government which had severely oppressed religious freedom.

His Godfather and uncle was the mayor of his city in Mexico, and he pleaded with his godson to denounce his faith so he could live, but Jose, even against his own family, stood firm in his love for Jesus and proclaimed “Viva Cristo Rey” which in English translates to “Live Christ the King.” 

The War and Eventual Capture

Different factions arose and they tried to fight the government as best they could.

Jose wanted to join the military but could not as he was too young, but he did menial tasks that a fourteen year-old could do to show his support for the cause. He was eventually captured and tortured; his uncle pleaded with him to denounce the Cristeros but he refused.

Jose’s feet were sliced open and he was forced to walk upon cobblestone and glass to where he was going to be executed.

The government tried using him as an example to other citizens what would happen to them, but nothing could shake him for the Lord was with him. It was difficult for his parents to accept his decision and to try and understand why such a young child would die for Christ, but his parents stood by his side. 

What Would You Do

If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Today, Christians are being marginalized around the world, and we must never be afraid to stand up for our faith! So many of us have become complacent to comfort and tolerable to evil. We must stand firm in our faith, and if God calls, we must carry our own cross. 

A Movie to Watch

Most Catholics don’t know their faith and little of the tragedy of the Civil War in Mexico based on anti-Catholicism.

An excellent movie to watch is, “For Greater Glory.”  We pray this podcast opens up the eyes and ears and touches the souls of those who may be called to stand up for their faith, as we live in confusing and troubling times. 

Viva Cristo Rey!

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