Episode 5 with Sister Angela

How Can We Get Through Great Trials?

"Jesus I Trust in You”

This is often a difficult phrase to live when we are in the midst of tremendous pain and suffering. In all of the confusion and darkness in the world, we can turn to Jesus and Our Lady, who give us the strength and peace to help us carry our cross.

We can hold firm and be steadfast in the promises of Our Lord and Our Lady, that they will walk with us in our sufferings every step of the way.

What was the Miracle that Led to Jacinta’s Canonization?

A young child from South America fell out of a window and had severe brain damage with no hope for recovery.

The family called a religious order to pray for him; they did so and ask for Our Lord to heal her through the intercession of Jacinta. The child made a miraculous recovery with no sequela or residual damage. 

The stories of Saints Jacinta and Francisco

Fransisco and Jacinta were young children who received visions from The Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima.

These children suffered greatly as a devotion to Our God and his calling to us.

In this podcast you will hear wisdom of Sister Angela and discover how the lives of the children of Fatima are wonderful examples to all of us.

Jacinta suffered immensely and died alone. Her story is one that will humble even the most hardened hearts. Dr. Leonardo who treated Jacinta in the hospital stated this young girl had “heroic patience and suffered greatly.” Jacinta had undergone tremendous pain all by herself, having part of her rib resected under local anesthesia. After death, an atheist doctor found her purulent body to smell like flowers, though it should reek of infection and death.

Sister Angela Fatima de Coelho from Portugal speaking on, “What We Can Learn from Fatima, Saint Jacinta, and the Pandemic of 1917.” ​

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