What makes a great leader in the workplace and family?

Episode 50 with James Hunter

What is Servant Leadership?

Are Power and Authority Different?

How are Character, Love and Leadership intertwined?

Who was the Greatest Leader of All Time? 

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is being the leader by showing character and humility and always striving striving to meet the legitimate needs of your workers.

Management is how you order supplies, manage the books, etc; leadership is how you lead people to achieve their maximum potential.

Are Power and Authority the Same?

Power is something you have because of your position.

Authority is something earned because the people around you respect you and will do things for you.

Saint Theresa had no power but wielded great authority. Listening and caring are important qualities. Character is important in doing what is right, and doing them out of love, shows great leadership resulting in authority. 

Good to Great

Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” published several years ago studied many successful corporations and found that the most successful companies had two traits that stood out; humility and character. This goes against the culture as humility is thought to be a weakness and character is irrelevant. 

Who was the Greatest Leader? 

No-one has had more impact in world history than Jesus Christ.

Great humans who emulated Him include Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Saint Mother Teresa, and they had great impact as well. 

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