Episode 60 with Dr. Patricia Santy, MD

Dr. Patricia Santy is a retired psychiatrist and engineer, former NASA flight surgeon, feminist, and atheist.

She was always searching for truth and found it after years of inner turmoil and struggle. 


The Childhood and Young Adult years

She grew up in a troubled home and her parents divorced when she was twelve.

Her mother remarried and Patricia was abused by her stepfather.

She got pregnant at age 17 and had a saline abortion; she describes that painful experience in her book. 

A Scientist, Atheist, and Feminist

She plunged herself into books and loved learning, but partly as an escape from all her inner turmoils.

She bought into the ideals of the feminist movement, not really understanding love and equating sex with love.

She was involved with NASA and was flight surgeon when the challenger disaster happened.

She figured with all she had experienced as a child and adult that there really couldn’t be a God. 

Mary and her Virtues

Over time, she continued her search for truth and understood Mary’s role in salvation and her ten evangelical virtues.

Mary was the ideal role model for her life, and it was Mary who helped her understand that Jesus is the answer to her problems. 

Dr. Santy’s book, Prodigal Daughter: A Journey with Mary, is available through New Hope Publications.

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