Episode 63 with Fr. David Gunter

In this interview Fr. David Gunter shares insights into first-century Judaism and the similarities to today.

In 70 AD there was the destruction of the Temple. People had a lot of money, the priesthood of Sadducees was corrupt, and Judaism was fragmented. This division could be said of Christianity in some ways; the Great Schism occurred in 1054, in 1517 we had the Reformation, and now there are over 47,000 sects of Christianity.

Political Bondage, Then and Now

Fr. Gunter discusses how the Jews were under political bondage and eventually made their way to the Promised Land.

Today there seems to be a desire for more government power and a trend towards socialism and communism. In the latter, the people are oppressed and have no rights. The government uses fear as a tool. Satan seems to running amok as impurity seems to be the modus operandi of the day. Both fear and impurity, as well as hatred and division are weapons of the devil.

Establishing the Kingdom of Heaven

Fr. Gunter says that the Kingdom of Heaven will not be established on earth until we live in God’s Will. Love is the key; hatred is its antithesis. We must forgive others, be merciful, and carry our cross as Jesus carried His Cross.

Our Lady told St. Faustina that this time of mercy will be followed by a time of justice. Our Lord told her that mankind will not have peace until it turns to trust in His mercy.

Let us pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to help us live the message of mercy, trust in the Lord, and realize that we are in a spiritual battle and are spiritual beings living in a mortal body.

In the next talk he will discuss Ephesians 6 and how we can put on the armor of God.

Father’s website and series of detailed talks can be found at www.thecomingtriumph.org. A trailer to his series can be viewed there as well.  

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