Episode 116, A Psychologist's Lessons from Raising 10 Kids

Raising ten kids has revealed to Dr. Ray Guarendi and his wife, Randi, a lifetime of insightful lessons. Dr. Ray shares his wisdom with clarity and abundant humor because as any mother or father knows, parenting is too important to be taken too seriously. Today we discuss his book, “Taught by Ten -  A Psychologist Father learns from His ten Kids.” It is available at drray.com on his website you can see his many other books that are wonderful guides to becoming a better spouse and parent.


Learn from the Best

With his rich, tenfold experience as a father, Dr. Ray gives guidance that will help you gain confidence toward molding and instructing your own children. Through his many and absorbing anecdotes, you’ll learn how to act with calm authority whether with a disrespectful teen or a tantrum-throwing toddler.


Want Respect? Give Respect

Through parenting, Dr. Ray learned to avoid labels and to respect each child’s temperament. He reinforces how with each child you can become a better parent. Dr. Ray discusses and explains why stronger parents who act more and lecture less have smoother family lives. He discusses how “the look” is a form of Pavlovian self-conditioning that helps convey authority. 


Consistency is Key

We must remember the power of affection and parents should always take time to tell their children how much they are loved. In homes where both parents are present, it is important to show a unified front, and not be manipulated by your children. In all settings, remember that perseverance and consistency in setting and enforcing expectations pay off.


God’s Providence

Dr. Ray discusses how to help resolve and avoid conflicts, teach respect and manners, and more. Most strikingly, you will see God’s providence at work in forming your own family. You will grow in the resolve and wisdom to guide your children when young and give them wings to fly when older.


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