Episode 49 with Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson became a volunteer for Planned Parenthood during her college days. She worked herself up the ladder and became director of her facility in Texas. She was an excellent saleswoman and convinced many women to have an abortion, and one year was named “Employee of the Year.” She had many occasions where many would say “enough is enough,” but her heart wasn’t open and she continued working in the abortion mill. 

Her College Years

Abby got pregnant in college and had her first abortion. She eventually married the man but the marriage lasted only days. She got pregnant a few years later and had an abortion at her clinic; she took RU486 (Misoprostil) and was told she would pass the glob of cells and have only minor cramping. Unfortunately, she had severe hemorrhaging and pain, but that had no effect on her desire to get back to promoting abortions.

An Episode with a Friend and His Daughter

One day a man who was friends with Abby brought his daughter in for an abortion. The doctor perforated the young lady’s uterus and she nearly bled to death. After a couple of hours, the young woman’s vitals stabilized. Abby was told by the director to say all was fine and they were backed up. Abby knew that they should have called 911 but that would have brought bad publicity to the abortion mill.

POC - Products of Conception or Pieces of Children?  

When the Director was grooming Abby to become director and replace her, she took her to a room and showed her the dead babies. She saw a 10 week old baby boy and thought, “isn’t this amazing.” She still had not opened her eyes and heart to what was happening.

The Day of Reckoning

One day there was a staff shortage and Abby was asked to help out. She was told to do the ultrasound and rub the machine over the woman’s abdomen. She saw the small infant in the womb; when the doctor inserted the probe the child fought to avoid it. Eventually the baby was suited into the suction bottle. Abby ran out and went to the bathroom and sobbed. Her new journey was beginning.

The Battle Continues

Abby has written a book, unPLANNED, detailing her story, and there was a movie made by the same name. I suggest everyone read her book, and you can stream the movie on the internet or get it in DVD format. I can assure you that you will not be the same.

Abby has testified before Congress on Planned Parenthood and the evils within its walls. She has two non-profit organizations trying to support women and make the world a better place.

Remember, God loves the sinner but hates the sin, and His mercy is unfathomable.

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