Episode 16 with Paul Zucarelli

This podcast features a special vessel of God, Paul Zuccarelli. 

Paul was living the typical American dream. Day by day he was distracted by the struggles and the stresses of life. 

His journey began as a child when his mother, who at a young age was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctors gave her no hope and one evening she allowed people to pray over her in her Charismatic prayer group, and the power of the Holy Spirit healed her saved her from death. She lived to be 83 years old.

What does it gain a man...

As a young married man and father, and with a focus on the materialistic life, he was doing well until at age forty was diagnosed with a heart condition: He had an irregular rhythm called mitral valve prolapse and atrial fibrillation. 

Several years after being diagnosed, his condition worsened. All a part of God’s plan, his doctor had minimized the condition and told Paul not to worry.

Embracing his own cross

Getting to the point where he needed surgical intervention, Paul felt that he may well be called to suffer and carry his cross as Jesus carried His Cross. 

Paul heard, at the proper time, divine words from God and listened to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. He understood that Jesus suffered for us and we will suffer too, but Jesus will be with us in our sufferings. 

He focused on the Cross Jesus carried and His love for all of us.

After Paul’s surgery, he noticed something was terribly wrong. His body was in agony from a burning sensation. 

Paul begged for water to drink. Shortly after, the nurse had checked his physical appearance and made sure nothing was wrong medically; she examined him and said everything was fine. 

As the nurse left, he suffered a cardiac arrest. 

Life after death

This was the start of his out of body experience and future trials as well. Though, through it all, his eyes were intertwined with God’s love and his suffering proved to be a testimony of Heaven.

He eventually needed electric shock cardioversion eight times and the doctors said there was no hope. 

During the two hours that he was clinically dead, Paul had an experience that changed his life forever. 

In a much deeper way he realizes that this life is fleeting and his focus now is on the next, for that life is eternal.  And listen to Paul as he discusses the pain, faith, and fervor of his son as he is inspired to go to a church and pray during that difficult time.

I hope this show opens up the eyes of unbelievers and the lukewarm to refocus their lives on what really is important.

Do you believe that we are here on earth, die, and that is it? If so, listen to Paul Zucarelli’s near-death experience and how it changed his life. The truth will set you free!

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