Divine Mercy Sunday, 1985

Episode 37 with Fr. Jose Maniyangat


It Happened on Mercy Sunday, 1985

On Divine Mercy Sunday, 1985, Father was hit head-on by a jeep and was taken to the closest hospital about thirty miles away.

He had severe loss of blood and many broken bones and intestinal injuries. While on the way he was pronounced dead, and his soul left his body.

He could see the people below carrying his body, crying, and praying for him.

What Happened Next?

His Guardian Angel came and told him, ”The Lord wants to meet you and talk to you.”

First, he was taken to hell and saw the suffering there of unrepentant souls. It was a frightening experience. Next he was taken to Purgatory
where he saw souls needing purification; their suffering was their separation from God, but they had the peace and knowledge knowing that one day they will see God.
Lastly, he was taken to heaven passing through a white tunnel.

He saw the Lord, who told him that he would be an instrument of healing. Father said words cannot describe the beauty of heaven.

What happened to his body?

They declared Father dead at the hospital, and as he was being taken to the morgue, his soul reentered his body.

Immediately he had intense pain because of all his injuries. He was given blood transfusions and went to surgery, but was told he would never walk again.

Then What?

One day after being released from the hospital his pain disappeared and he heard a voice say,
“You are healed. Get up and walk.”

He was able to walk and notified his doctor who was dumbfounded and said,
“Your God is the true God. I must follow your God.”

After studying the faith, he became a Catholic.

A Healing Ministry

Father recognizes that God is the ultimate healer.

He has a charismatic healing ministry with live-stream Masses and Eucharistic Adoration.

His website can be found at frmaniyangathealingministry.com.

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