Episode 46 with Sr. Briege McKenna

In today’s show Sister Briege McKenna tells the story of her spiritual journey and her own healing from rheumatoid arthritis to a deeper appreciation of the need for a personal relationship with Jesus, and the fact that he is present in the eucharist.

When Did it Begin?

Sister’s mother died when she was a teenager, and she entered the Sisters of St. Clare shortly thereafter. A few years later, she was transferred to Tampa because of severe rheumatoid arthritis, and she taught at St. Lawrence Catholic School. Her arthritis advance and at one point she was on 30 pills a day, and it was felt at one point she would be in a wheelchair. However, she was miraculously healed and has had no problems since.

Her Own Gifts 

Some time later she came to understood that through God’s grace, she had the gift of healing.

She met Father Kevin Scallon, a Vincentian priest, and they traveled together around the world giving parish missions and speaking, but they also had a special charism of speaking to priests and helping them better understand their vocation and the gift of the eucharist.

They had many Eucharistic healing services, and Sister shares a couple examples of healing that she experienced while doing missions.

May Thy Eucharistic Kingdom Come! 

Sister speaks about how power comes from the Eucharistic Jesus and we must spend more time with Him in Eucharistic adoration.

We should never be afraid to talk to Him as a father and a friend. As in the Scriptural story of the raising of the dead Lazarus, she has believed and seen the glory of God. 

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