Episode 113, My Miracle at Medjugorje

Michael and Maureen Fitzgerald share with us the story of Maureen’s miraculous healing of metastatic liver cancer that occurred after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. But this story doesn’t end there. Three years ago, Michael had his own battle with a rare form of colon cancer and at this point is cancer free, 


The Onset of Disease

The news of Maureen’s illness came to the couple when an upset stomach and a workup revealed advanced incurable liver cancer. As it doesn’t respond to conventional treatment, she decided to try her chances with immunosuppressive therapy. However, there is not a plethora of data on its effectiveness. Prior to treatment, she had a markedly elevated alpha-fetoprotein level (a marker used for liver cancer). She had her first treatment and the levels dropped but were still massively elevated. After her second treatment, however,  she experienced a severe reaction requiring hospitalization. Her condition continued to deteriorate and alpha-fetoprotein levels remained high. At this point, no treatment plan was even available to her, and the couple felt deeply discouraged. 


A Last Hope

Although resigned to God’s will, Maureen decided to pilgrimage to Medjugorje, still remaining hopeful. Once arriving, she was prayed over by a priest and felt a warm feeling throughout her body, and noticed later that her significant leg swelling began to lessen. She returned home, continued improving, and saw her doctor who ordered repeat scans. At this point, her scans showed no evidence of cancer, and her alpha-fetoprotein levels were completely normal.


Returning in Thanksgiving

Maureen and Michael emphasize the attitude of gratitude. When they went to Mass after being home, the gospel reading was on the healing of the ten lepers, yet only one returned to give thanks. They feel they have a mission to spread the mercy of God and let all know how much Jesus and Mary love them. 

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