Episode 26 with Kimberly Cook

Feminism, Motherhood, and Maternal Love  

In today’s show we dive deep into the history behind the original goals of the “feminist movement.”

Kimberly Cook discusses her book, Motherhood Redeemed: How Radical Feminism Betrayed Maternal Love, available at Tan Books and Amazon.  

Famous women in history, such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, pushed for a more equal system which upheld women as more than property and believed women were vital leaders of families, the next generation, and a glue in keeping society disciplined and compassionate.

Over time, the movement took a turn, and now defines feminism as a movement that includes giving women the right to determine if her developing child will live or die. The power and ideology of today’s so-called feminism is similar to the evil spirit of the Biblical figure Queen Jezebel, and includes women of recent past like Madame Restell, considered by some a heroine.

Susan B. Anthony wrote in 1875, “When the mother of Christ shall be made the true model of womanhood and motherhood, when the office of maternity shall be held sacred and the mother shall consecrate herself, as did Mary, to the one-idea of bringing forth the Christ-child, then, and not till then, will the earth see a new order of men and women, prone to good rather than evil.”


Femininity vs masculinity

The definition of masculinity in Aristotle’s time was a man with perseverance, moral courage and virtue, patience, and one with courage to face a protracted obstacle. Femininity was a different story. The definition of femininity at that time was one with moral weakness, an inability to handle difficult situations, and an obsession with comfort. (NOTICE: This definition can be - and was - applied to both men and women) 

In today’s society, we struggle with the true role of a mother, especially now that anybody at any given time can claim to be a woman or a man. We have been slowly minimizing the importance of mothers in the world and their role to love, discipline, and teach the truth to their children and families.

Not only have we caused confusion in the role of motherhood, but we have redirected the focus of motherhood and their goals in life.


The “redirection” for mothers

An emphasis today in the feminist movement is for women to stay single, strive to get an education and a good-paying job, work instead of raising children, have affairs with whomever they want, all with the attitude of “work hard and play harder.”

Raising children is frowned upon and treated as an unimportant job or vocation. As we see, this confusing of the role of women and making their true job seem as if it is something they are enslaved to do; it is treated as a chore rather than a blessing.

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