Episode 148, The Mother of All Devotions: The Holy Face of Jesus



Today we speak with Mary Jane Zuzolo about her book found at Sophia Institute Press: “Unveiling the Sixth Station of the Cross- Reparation to the Holy Face, Mother of All Devotions.” She is a descendant of Sister Marie de St. Pierre, the French Carmelite nun blessed with revelations from Christ regarding the Holy Face devotion. 

Additionally, she holds a distinguished academic record, graduating summa cum laude with highest distinction in philosophy from the University of Illinois. Her profound dedication to the Holy Face is evident through her foreword in Father Lawrence Carney’s book on the subject and her keynote address at the inaugural Holy Face conference.

Nurtured by Devotion

Growing up amidst familial discussions of Sister Marie de St. Pierre, Mary Jane's interest in the Holy Face devotion was further nurtured by her grandfather's cherished Holy Face Chaplet rosary from the mid-1800s.

Divine Manifestation, the Miracle of the Holy Veil

During Sister Marie's time, amidst societal tumult, Christ's Church-approved revelations to her emphasized the importance of reparation for blasphemies against the Commandments. The iconic image of Veronica, who compassionately wiped Christ's face, embodies this devotion. 

Over the years the image has faded, but on the last day of the exposition of Veronica’s veil, Jan 6, 1849, a miracle occurred. The veil started to glow. For a period of three hours from 12 to 3pm, Our Lord's Face was life-like and could clearly be seen. This miraculous manifestation of His face on her veil further emphasizes the significance of this devotion.

Insights into the Devotion

In revelations to Sr. Marie, Christ described the Holy Face devotion as “the most beautiful work that has yet appeared on the face of the earth,” akin to the “the miraculous wine served at the end of the wedding feast at Cana.” This is in contrast to the “common wine” of other devotions and offering solace for the blasphemies endured out of love. 

Venerable Leo DuPont, instrumental in validating the devotion, witnessed numerous miracles attributed to prayers and oil from a lamp before a Holy Face image touched to Veronica’s veil.

The Holy Face in Spiritual Battles

Mary Jane's book delves into various facets of the devotion, including the patronage of St. Michael, parallels with the story of Job, and the spiritual battles fought by figures like Joan of Arc and Sister Marie de St. Pierre. Notably, St. Therese of the Child Jesus held a profound devotion to the Holy Face, considering it the foundation of her piety.

Embracing the Devotion through the Archconfraternity

The Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Mother play integral roles in this devotion, underscoring its deep spiritual significance. An Archconfraternity of the Holy Face, established in 1885, offers believers a path to deeper spiritual connection, with Christ promising to imprint His likeness upon their souls.

For those seeking to join the Archconfraternity or learn more about the Holy Face devotion, Mary Jane's website and Father Lawrence Carney’s website offer valuable resources and guidance. You can also view episode 138 of Mercy Unbound, an interview with Fr. Lawrence Carney, chaplain for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, Sr. Wilhelmina’s order. 


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