Episode 119, The Miraculous Life of Mystic Eileen George



Father Jay Finelli is a pastor at the Church of the Holy Ghost in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and a priest in the diocese of Providence, R.I. He is the host of the acclaimed ipadre Catholic Podcast and served for years as a board member of Meet the Father ministry, the ministry that Eileen George began.


From Orphan to Potential Saint

Eileen George was an incredible woman whose life was truly inspirational. She was an orphan and grew up in Massachusetts in the diocese of Worchester, and passed away at the age of 90. In her book, “Conversations in Heaven”, George has many photos and notations of support from many Bishops and priests. Father Finelli has been working hard to document her life in preparation for her cause for canonization, aiming to celebrate her life and share her message with the world.


Ministry and Spiritual Gifts

As part of her ministry, George was passionate about helping people understand the unconditional love that Jesus and God the Father have for each of us. She was believed to have many spiritual gifts, such as the gift of bilocation and the ability to read souls, and it was even said that she had the invisible stigmata. Father Finelli has a beautiful story to share, in which he and Archbishop George Pearce witnessed Eileen's bilocation first-hand.


She Loved through Suffering

George was an incredibly humble woman who was devoted to the Church, and she spoke often of Jesus and the love she felt when she received Communion. She suffered from a number of medical conditions, including severe arthritis and advanced melanoma, yet she remained strong in her faith that God's perfect love would carry her through. Her words and actions remind us of the importance of love, and how we will be judged on how we choose to love those around us.


Learn More about this Up-and-Coming Saint

If you would like more information on Eileen George or obtain a prayer card, visit the website at eileengeorge.org or write to: Meet-the-Father Ministry, P.O. Box 348, Uxbridge, MA 01569. Join us in celebrating one of God's greatest blessings, Eileen George


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