Episode 112, Man Your Post- Learn to Lead like St. Joseph

Duane and Carrie Daunt share with us today thoughts on their book, “Man Your Post - Learning to Lead Like St. Joseph.” It is available at their ministry website JPiihealingcenter.org The book outlines virtues needed with personal witness from a variety of contributors including a former major league All-Star player, a priest, a family physician, a counselor, and more. 


Men’s Need in this Generation

We live in a time plagued by faithlessness, fear, indecision, anger and the like. This generation is in need of a Christ-like role model. That role model, for men, is St. Joseph. That’s why each chapter in the Daunt's book highlights one of the virtues espoused in the Litany of St. Joseph.


Testimony from an All-Star

Mike Sweeney, a former baseball player, had a trying time while in the big leagues when attempting to live an authentically Catholic life. The virtues of justice, chastity, prudence, courage, obedience, and faithfulness, were all required of him, and for these he turned to St. Joseph. He details this experience and how it can be replicated for the good of society.


Reflections from A Family Physician

Dr. Tom Nelson, as someone seeking to heal the sick, also speaks of the help St. Joseph provides for him as an example of obedience. When he became involved in helping a dying woman transition to the next life, he likewise turned to St. Joseph, one accepting of God’s will in all things, even when he did not understand them.


The Pillar of Marriage

Dr. Bob Schuchts spoke of the difficulties in marriage and the words, “for better or worse.” One can reflect upon what Joseph went through with Mary’s pregnancy and the trials they faced raising Jesus and find courage to persevere in family difficulties. Chris Benzinger likewise spoke of Joseph and the Holy Family, and how we must aim to realize the beauty of family life and be a pillar of support to our wife and children.


St. Joseph has many titles and one is “Terror of Demons.” May he guide all men to holiness and to be a pillar of love and support in the family. 


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