Episode 137, The Making of Ms.Led: Building the Culture of Life with Trish Short



Today's interview features Trish Short, the director of the compelling new documentary "Ms.Led" (watch it here). Trish has a diverse background ranging from modeling and acting to owning a fitness business and now a production company. In our interview, Trish passionately discusses her commitment to women in crisis and their unborn children.

Journey to Truth: Unveiling Deception in Ms.Led

The interview delves into Trish's journey in bringing this documentary to life, inspired by her Catholic faith and deep conviction to expose issues within the abortion industry and showcase the genuine support available to women facing crisis pregnancies. Emphasizing the diverse group of people creatively addressing these challenges, Trish aims to unveil the truth amid a history of deception. 

“Ms.Led”: A Fresh Perspective and Catalyst for Change

Viewers describe the film as unprecedented, offering a fresh perspective on a polarizing topic and serving as a potential catalyst for change, especially for those on the fence. Trish's closing thoughts in the interview encourage viewers to watch and share the film, fostering understanding and empathy without judgment for those grappling with difficult questions and unique hardships. Don't miss the chance to spread the word about the film's powerful message of God's mercy.

About “Ms.Led” 

 "As a former pro-choice feminist, I wanted to produce a film that uncovers the deceptive narratives surrounding abortion. It is a catastrophic truth that women of every background make the tragic decision to walk into an abortion clinic. The battle that lies within the culture today is families that look just as diverse as mine. We are progressives, conservatives, religious, agnostic, multicultural and interracial. That is a reflection of the stories featured in Ms.Led and this was my goal – that it would reach the hearts and minds of millions from all walks of life who remain uninformed. My hope is this film will speak to women in crisis, demonstrate the help available, and awaken them to the unrepeatable humanity of their baby growing inside of them." - Trish Short, Director of “Ms.Led”. 

Through real-life stories, "Ms.Led" touches on what feminism and pro-life activism have looked like since the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. The documentary takes a behind-the-scenes view that dispels the myths surrounding the life-saving work of pregnancy resource centers and front-line counselors, presents an honest look at adoption, the beauty of marriage, family, children, and fatherhood, along with explosive testimonies of actual medical cases from physicians about the brutal business practices of abortion. Together, their voices rise and reveal a greater call to strengthen the fundamental support systems needed for vulnerable women to choose life. "Ms.Led" is a testament to the belief that it takes all of us, and our collective efforts to reshape the culture.

Watch “Ms.Led” here

For more information go to: trishshort.com


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