Episode 132, Lourdes Miracles: Stories of Faith, Healing, and Forgiveness



Marlene Watkins, a dedicated Catholic woman, stands as the visionary behind the Our Lady of Lourdes North American Volunteers Program. Her book titled "20 Everyday Miracles of Lourdes" holds deep resonance within the hearts of the faithful. This inspiring work can be found on Amazon and EWTNReligiouscatalogue.com, with all proceeds flowing towards the cause of the aforesaid Our Lady of Lourdes North American Volunteers Program. 

A Journey through Trials: Marlene’s story

Marlene's path was fraught with trials, as she grappled with PTSD for years due to a traumatic assault during her youth. This burden greatly restricted her actions and ability to travel. It was during a pilgrimage to Lourdes, accompanied by a dear friend, that a transformation took place. At the sacred baths of Lourdes, she opened her eyes after prayer at the baths and saw a man who appeared to be her assailant. Yet, in this profound moment, her perspective shifted, and instead of hatred and anger towards him, all she yearned for was for him to go to Heaven. As she walked toward him, he vanished from sight. Upon her return from Lourdes, Marlene emerged as a wholly renewed individual, astounding friends and family who witnessed the miraculous healing that had transpired, and which had liberated her from the chains that held her captive for so many years.

“Southern Cynthia’s” Redemption: Overcoming Wounds through Healing Waters

Within the pages of her book, Marlene unwraps 19 other tales of miraculous intervention through an encounter with Jesus and Mary at Lourdes. Among these is the account of “Southern Cynthia”, who suffered a grievous gunshot wound inflicted by her former spouse. Despite numerous surgeries and constant care, the wound persisted, remaining infected and refusing to mend. The weight of her suffering fanned thoughts of vengeance against the man who had caused her such anguish. However, after being immersed in the healing embrace of Lourdes' restorative waters, she too was transformed. The wound mended, and alongside it, Cynthia's heart also healed. The consuming desire for retribution faded away, replaced by a wellspring of forgiveness for her former husband.

"Scottish Sheena’s" Quest for Peace

The essence of spiritual healing, rooted in the act of forgiving oneself and others, stands as a cornerstone of these remarkable stories. Take, for instance, the journey of “Scottish Sheena”. Confronting a past marked by a coerced abortion at the tender age of 15, enforced by her mother's insistence, Sheena found solace and redemption at Lourdes. In this holy place, she uncovered the strength to pardon her mother, bridging the chasm that had long kept them apart.

“Joyful Jamie’s" Spiritual Triumph

While not every seeker is granted the physical healing they yearn for, the true treasure of Lourdes lies in the profound inner peace and spiritual healing found there. The story of “Joyful Jamie” illustrates this truth poignantly. Though he wasn’t healed of his quadriplegia in Lourdes, he returned to the sacraments of the Church through his visit there. Afterwards, he shared with others that if he could use his arm for just one moment, he would make the Sign of the Cross with it, a simple gesture that he cherished as an expression of his devotion to the Holy Trinity. 

Guided by Our Lady’s Words

In Marlene’s book we hear of 17 other tales, each unique yet similar because each is the tale of the brokenness of humanity and yearning for restoration. It is in these narratives that the healing power of God finds its most profound expression. As we reflect on the words spoken by Our Lady to the stewards at Cana, "Do whatever he tells you," may our lives resonate with obedience to God's will, guiding us towards healing, regardless of the nature of our wounds.

To learn more about the Our Lady of Lourdes North American Volunteer Program that Marlene is involved with, go to www.lourdesvolunteers.org or call (315) 476-0026. 


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