Episode 68 with Karen Pascal

Karen Pascal is Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Society. In today’s interview we will discuss the life of Henri Nouwen, a Catholic priest, psychologist, writer and theologian.

Nouwen taught for over two decades at academic institutions such as Notre Dame, Yale, and Harvard. Later, he went on to work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the L’Arche Daybreak Community in Ontario, Canada.

The Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer is one of Nouwen's most popular books. It is divided into four chapters: Condition of a Suffering World, Suffering Generation, Suffering Man, and Suffering Minister.

In today’s world, he noted, there is an historical dislocation, fragmented ideology, and a search for immortality. People have taken their focus off God, living instead for the here and now.


Henri suffered from loneliness and realized we all have a need for interpersonal connection.

He had a Christ-centered spirituality and wrote that conversion is the equivalent of revolution. Whereas one can become despondent at the state of the world, a converted heart filled with God is on fire to make the world a better place.


People are anxious because there is “nothing out there” or “up there,” and so they turn inward.

When speaking on ministry to a homeless man, one must have an outgoing hope that always looks for tomorrow. 


Our own wounds can be a major source of healing for ourselves and others.

We must always try to “be present.” Those who are wounded often are the best vehicles of healing. 

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