Episode 87 with Kendra Tierney


Kendra is a Catholic wife and mother of ten. She has developed a website to help young families and grandparents instill the Faith in their children and grandchildren, and living their Faith around the liturgical calendar year. The website is at www.catholicallyear.com

Discovering the Beauty of Catholicism Through the Liturgical Calendar

Kendra and her husband were raised Catholic but had little training in the lives of the saints, the liturgical calendar and feast days, etc. As they began to research various saints and feast days they realized in a deeper way the beauty of the Catholic Faith, and developed ways to incorporate this newfound love into their family life. 

Ideas for Bringing the Saints to Life in the Family

Kendra shares ways to bring the saints’ lives into the family. CatholicAllYear has a monthly box they send out with celebrations for three saints and other novel ideas to make the Faith come alive in the family.

The Catholic All Year Compendium details nearly 100 Feast Days, Bible readings, prayers, litanies, etc. and is a great resource for families. It is available at amazon.com and Ignatius Press

The Church's Hidden Treasure

She discussed the recent Feast of Corpus Christi, the Feast of Divine Mercy, and how she loves instilling the knowledge of the Faith in her children as we have such a rich tradition. It is a treasure that few know exists.

Please check out her website at catholicallyear.com and check out her frequent blogs on the site.

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