Has Science Finally Figured Out How the Image on the Shroud was Formed?

Episode 36 with Dr. Stephen Mattingly, PhD

Jesus and the Shroud 

In today’s podcast I'm joined by Dr. Stephen Mattingly, PhD,
author of The Jesus Microbiome and How Skin Bacteria Created the Image on the Shroud of Turn.

We explore the possible origin of the image on the Shroud of Turin, and the microbiology behind his hypothesis.

We know that the man in the image was beaten and scourged terribly, and the Roman soldiers were experts in crucifixions.
The man had excessive blood loss, and the blood, serum, water, skin cells, and oils were absorbed onto the linen shroud.

The tissue was a tremendous culture medium for bacteria and the counts doubled every thirty minutes.

The bacteria contain unsaturated fatty acids and when exposed to oxygen produce a yellowish discoloration:
Dr. Mattingly reproduced this effect with experimentation on himself.

Linen Absorption 

Linen is a type of fabric that is made of cellulose and absorbs fluids.

The Shroud was immersed in skin cells, oils, blood and serum, and high bacterial counts.

What has been scientifically studied on the linen itself are various oils, including body oils, water, blood, oxidation and fatty acids
creating an oil painting with water colors.

In addition to these incredible findings, another point noted from scientists is that the body has not been moved,
since it would show up on the linen. There is no evidence of the body; and since it was not moved, where did it go?

Science may have explained the Image, but faith tells us what happened to the body.

The failure of science 

Dr. Stephen Mattingly performed his own, credible, laboratory experiments
using known microbiologic knowledge, and was able to produce an image and show the yellowish discoloration.

He explains the shortcomings of Carbon-14 dating,
and in his opinion, how simple microbiology has given the answer.
Join us and enjoy this fascinating video that unravels the mysteries behind a great mystery! 

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