Episode 67 with Dr. Peter Howard

In today’s show Dr. Peter Howard, STD, will share his insights into the life of Bishop Fulton Sheen, as well as his work as President of the Fulton Sheen Institute.

Sheen's Early Priesthood

Bishop Sheen was ordained a priest in the diocese of Peoria, IL,  in 1919. 

He quickly became a renowned theologian, earning the prestigious Cardinal Mercier award in philosophy in 1923. He went on to teach theology and philosophy at the Catholic University of America.

He was later ordained auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New York, as well as being named national director of the Propagation of the Faith. His concern was in saving souls, and said, “if souls aren’t saved, nothing is saved.”

Radio and Television Programs

Sheen hosted a radio program and then a nationally syndicated television show called "Life is Worth Living." The show won an Emmy award.

He spoke of the need for Americans to embrace their Christian responsibilities, and said it was our purpose to focus on the spiritual life and not to turn one against the other. 

Sheen's Wit & Wisdom

He had a great sense of humor, and when receiving one award he felt it necessary to thank and give credit to his four content writers, namely Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

He had a great love for the Blessed Mother, and even though he warned the world of godlessness and communism, he was a man of hope. He said that America, one way or the other, will be on its knees; either voluntarily or involuntarily.

He got into a disagreement with Cardinal Spellman over a “milk fund.” The squabble was eventually taken to the Pope, who sided with Fulton Sheen. 

Currently, his beatification is on hold, and Dr. Howard hopes that the laity can be a spark to move the process to completion and have Sheen declared a saint. 

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