Episode 66 with Chris Sparks

Chris Sparks is Senior Books Editor at the Marian Helpers Center. One of their roles is as printing and distributing arm for the Congregation of Marian Fathers.

Chris has written a timely book, How Can You Still Be Catholic? - 50 Answers to a Good Question

Do We Condone These Sins?

Christ is the head of the Church, but the Church is guided by man on earth.

How can one remain Catholic in light of the sex scandals? Chris notes that the Old Testament contains many instances of great leaders doing terrible things. King David, a great leader, sent Uriah to death and had slept with his wife.

It speaks to man’s fallen nature, but we certainly cannot condone these behaviors or brush them aside.

The sins of the clergy are not caused by Catholicism as we see similar sins in other organizations as well. 

What is the Hardest Question You have been Asked?

There are things you cannot defend.

Job was continually suffering trials, and his friends gave him advice on what he was doing wrong. Job finally realized that God is the answer. Job cried out in a justified answer; for those who have suffered it may be that we need to just be present rather than trying to give an answer.

Confession is part of our Faith, and we must be honest. 

Suffering and the Works of mercy

When someone is dying of thirst, they need water. When someone is starving, they first need food before their ears will be open to hearing about God.

We must reach out and be Jesus to others; sometimes that means action and not speaking. Speaking with others who profoundly disagree with us is so difficult as we must get out of our comfort zone.

Holy Communion and non-Catholics

Chris’s father is a protestant and goes to Catholic Mass; he doesn’t believe in the real presence.

If you are not in Communion with the Church, you should not receive Communion. 

Why is Christian unity important in these times? 

Prayer for unity is to unite something that should not be divided.

May we all be one as the Trinity is one. In history there have been many wars over religion. We are called to be brothers and sisters in Christ; and we must spread the message of Divine Mercy as it is a synthesis of treasures in the Church.   

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