Episode 93 with Fr. Phillip Scott on Healing through the Trinity


Father Philip Scott is the founder of “The Family of Jesus", an order based in the Amazon region of Peru bordering Colombia and Bolivia. The order includes priests, brothers, and nuns. You can check out their website at familiadejesusperu.org.


Miraculous Beginnings

Father’s mother had gynecologic problems and was scheduled for surgery. While on the table, she heard Jesus speak to her and say, “You must not do this.” Months later, she delivered twin sons, now Father Philip and Father Martin, both Catholic priests. 


A Day in the Life

Father awakens at 1 AM for personal prayer. Community prayer begins at 5 AM followed by Mass, silent time, and manual chores. Prayers occur throughout the day. Every Friday there is “Heart Night,” where the community comes together for a heartfelt sharing of the week's experiences.


Efforts with the Family 

Through Baptism, we join the family of God, the Trinity. Like little children, we are incredibly weak. We must learn that this is one of our greatest blessings, as it draws us to recognize our total dependence on God. Like in all families, communication is key. We must try to be heartfelt in our communication with God and others. Our Lady can help guide us to deeper relation within the perfect family, the trinity.


Fostering Greater Dependence

Father works with the people to help them understand life is not just about work. We must throw our survival skills out the window. This striving for self-sufficiency is common to people all over the world; however, in the West, he noted that we often cover it up with the “toys” of materialism. It is a mindset of fear that destroys our inner peace. 


Cultivating Healing

God's love, which is perfect, casts out all fear. To encounter this love, we can go to Confession, where trust in God’s love is renewed. As Saint Faustina noted in her diary, it is in the Confessional that the greatest miracles take place.


For more information on the order or to have Father Philip speak in your parish or conference, go to familiadejesusperu.org.


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