Episode 57 with Joe Risi

In today’s interview, we hear of the healing of Joe Risi.

He describes how the healing occurred through praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and details how events unfolded. 

Who Introduced You to the Chaplet?

His mother was a devout Catholic and introduced him to the Chaplet.

She gave him a flier with the Chaplet on it, and he put it in his truck. One day it blew out the window and was lost.

His mother had introduced him to many prayers and devotions, and he was almost relieved when it got lost as it was just another one of mom’s prayers.

He found the exact same flier a year later off the side of the road in a somewhat desolate area, and felt the Lord was telling him that this was important.

Medical Problems Ensue

Soon after, he was having many medical complaints and saw a doctor.

They ran many tests and the diagnosis was Hepatitis C. 

At Mass one day he was given the Anointing of the Sick as his condition deteriorated. The priest told him that he had an inner locution that Joseph would be healed.

He found out shortly thereafter that Hepatitis C was no longer present in his blood.

New Problems Years Later

He has continued to spread the message of Divine Mercy over the years.

He now has a diagnosis of mesothelioma and is undergoing chemotherapy. While he prays for another healing, he know that "Jesus I Trust in You” is the anchor in his life, and he tries to let others know of God’s love. 

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