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Episode 18 with Roy Schoeman


This podcast elaborates on the life of Roy Schoeman. As an adolescent he was raised in a Jewish household and understood the religion well. He was educated in religious schools, practiced Judaism and accepted the fact that Jews were a chosen people of God.


Losing my religion       

Later on in life, Roy went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduated, and at the age of 29 became a Harvard Professor of Business. During this point in his life, Roy lost his faith in Judaism and had been trapped in the secular world. Storing up his treasures on earth and forgetting about his divine purpose in life, Roy’s soul was searching for God. Even though materialistically very successful, he could find no peace of mind and his life was unfulfilled.  


He had been educated at one of the finest institutions, and the war between science and faith was tested; Roy elucidates that in the end science had and still has no answers for the marvelous miracles of the living God. The only acknowledgment of God in such “prestigious” schools, was God does not exist and science has all of the answers.


Overwhelmed by God’s love

The great love of God overwhelms him even to this day and Roy often highlights the two greatest regrets he has in his life: every hour he wasted doing nothing of value in the eyes of Heaven, and all of the time and energy wasted thinking he wasn’t loved. 


Roy talked to God and asked Him to reveal Himself; it was only after an encounter with the Blessed Mother one year later that His eyes were truly opened. He discusses with clarity the great beauty and humility of the Blessed Mother.


Now, with faith as his foundation, Roy has written books, Internet series, and has his own radio show on Radio Maria. Wasting no time here on Earth, Roy now serves the Lord daily and has no desires for what the world has to offer for him.


I hope this show opens up the eyes of atheists and answers the prayers of those seeking God, as well as those who are blinded by the deceit of Satan. As Scripture says, “He who has ears, let him hear.”


Thank you for joining us!

In this interview Roy Schoeman discusses how he was an MIT graduate and Harvard professor at age 29; along the way, he lost his faith but began to search for God. Raised Jewish and having had a couple mystical experiences, he converted to Catholicism and talks of his “infusion of knowledge” and his drive to use his time wisely to build up the kingdom of God. You won’t want to miss this one!

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