Episode 98, Ted Flynn on the Great Reset


Ted Flynn is the author of numerous books and executive producer of several films. He attended the University of Massachusetts /Amherst, American University, University of Fribourg, Switzerland, as well as the London School of Economics. In this interview, he shares and discusses his latest book, “The Great Reset – The Globalist Plan vs. Heaven’s Victory.” It is available at sign.org 


History Repeats Itself

The Great Reset is about a restructuring of the Great Empires of the past, as well as a look at the demise of the United States today. Is the reset happening where Godless global elites totally control the affairs of people? It contrasts these nations with a world recognizing God created us to know Him and love Him in this world and be with Him in the next.


Moral Relativism and Empires Falling

To avoid evil one has to recognize it. Do people even think there is evil in the world? With moral relativism, every behavior is acceptable as long as it doesn’t affect oneself. But remember that Satan comes to destroy. In the Old Testament, a common cycle revolved around Jews acting faithfully toward God, enjoying prosperity, drawing away from God, and then suffering punishment until they changed their ways. The Great Empires such as Persia, Rome, Greece, Great Britain, and more, were all conquered from the inside and not from outside forces. How does this contrast with Our Lady’s message, "I have a great plan for the salvation of mankind. I come to tell you that God exists”?


Sin Embedded in our Institutions

Ted Flynn discusses Machiavelli, freemasonry, Antonio Gramsci, and Saul Alinsky. The latter’s book is dedicated to Satan and used Gramsci’s principles in guiding radicals. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on Alinsky while at Wellesley. How did the radicals make so much progress so fast? By controlling the media, education, corporate America, the entertainment industry, and the judiciary, they embedded themselves in our institutions. He also speaks on the infiltration of the selective service Agency, a large group of government officials who cannot be fired and are part of the deep state.    

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