Dr. Matthew Beuninger, Psy D, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Steubenville University, and today he shares thoughts from his book, "Finding Freedom in Christ - Healing Life's Hurts," available at EmmausRoad.org and at Amazon.com


The Root of Psychological Wounds

Although some of our difficulties in life relate to events out of our control, many of our psychological and emotional pains can be traced back to sources of which we did have control. Oftentimes throughout life, we develop ineffective coping strategies such as overachieving, slothful behavior, anger, exaggerated anxiety and fear, and more. We will all have suffering and the way we react to the pain is critical as we strive for mental well-being.


Where to Look for Healing

The Church is a hospital for the spiritually sick. Scripture gives us insights as we learn in the school of life, and the sacraments feed us and give us strength to continue learning. But one must truly want to be healed - Jesus wants us to jump in and be vulnerable and honest; He is the Great Physician, but he can only heal us once we allow Him to.


The 6 Basic Needs

Dr. Breuninger gave six subsets of goods that we need, and when those needs are not met we respond in various ways detailed in this podcast. While the Sacrament of Reconciliation removes our sinfulness, for deep healing one must be honest and open and explore the basis of these sins as wounds. 

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