Episode 74 with Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Monsignor Stephen J. Rosetti is a Catholic priest and Associate professor at Catholic University of America; he heads the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal and is involved in the ministry of exorcism.

He has written a book, Diary of An American Exorcist: Demons, Possession, and the Modern Day Battle against Ancient Evil. The book is available at sophiainstitute.com

An Early Experience

Father shares an experience while as a seminarian where one evening he was thrust back while on his bed and felt the presence of evil. He was able to clutch his rosary, and immediately the presence of evil abated. 

Does Hell Exist

St. Faustina wrote in her spiritual Diary entry 741 that she was taken to hell and was writing of her experience at the command of God so that no-one can deny its existence.

A Team Approach

Father has a team during the exorcism, and describes the exorcism and a profound spiritual experience that is mentally exhausting. He uses sacramentals and shares about the St. Benedict Cross. He also talks of minor and major exorcisms, and the 2 Rites of Exorcism available to use. He says he has no power to expel demons; all comes through the saving power of Jesus Christ. 

How Do We let Satan In?

A common way is by mere sin, and then one stops going to Mass and receiving Holy Communion, and also stops going to Confession. Some harbor lack of forgiveness, and some delve into things like ouija boards, New Age and reiki, crystals for healing, and calling on the dead, etc. 

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