Episode 40 with Janet Morana

In this interview, Janet Morana, Executive Director of Priests for Life and Co-Founder of Silent No More Awareness Campaign,
discusses her book Shockwaves: Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims.

Who is Affected by Abortion?

Abortion is like an earthquake with the deceased baby being at the epicenter.
It affects the mother, father, grandparents, and siblings, and its effects are many,
including medical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional.

Every abortion has a ripple-effect that is like a tidal wave leaving a path of death, destruction, and heartbreak. 

What is a Goal of Silent No More?

This campaign has enabled many women to come out and let others know how they regret their abortion;
many fathers and grandparents have also come forward and shared their regrets as well.
It is part of their healing and an informational campaign for those contemplating abortion.

The Society of Centurions

Terminating the life of an unborn child has more long-term sequelae than most doctors, nurses, and technicians ever imagined.
Many have stepped forward for healing and guidance and to share their regrets.
They formed a group to tell their story and share their regets about being part of the abortion industry.



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