Ep. 15 with Kristin Byrd 

On today’s episode of Mercy Unbound Dr. Bryan chats with fellow follower of Christ, Kristin Byrd from the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Together they discuss the history and purpose of the Rosary Congress, her devotion to Our Lady, and how the love of God has urged her to spread the Good News and intentionally pursue her love of Jesus and Our Lady.

What is a “Rosary Congress”

The Rosary Congress is a seven-day crusade of praying the rosary every hour, always in the month of October, and typically between October 2nd through October 8th. This also falls on the same feast day as Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated on October 7th.

The Congress originated in 1970’s Poland, and grew out of their desire to have the newly elected Pope John Paul II to return to visit the country — the land of his birth. At the time, Poland was still under Communist rule.

As the story goes, the Rosary Congress began when Our Lady appeared to an individual and gave them a specific template for praying the Rosary during Eucharistic Adoration.

Through the power of this first Rosary Congress, Pope John Paul II was able to return to Poland without any obstacles or limits. This triumph also lead to the fall of the Communist state in Poland, a growth in the solidarity movement, an expansion of the Divine Mercy message and devotion, and a decrease in abortions.

In 1988 the Rosary Congress took root in the United States, beginning in Washington D.C.

A Modern-Day Jericho Story

Given its origins in communist Poland and its role in bringing down the communist regime, the story of the Rosary Congress bears striking parallels to the biblical Battle of Jericho fought by Joshua.

Joshua and his soldiers marched around the Walls of Jericho until on the 7th day when, through their prayers and obedience to God’s command, the walls came tumbling down.

We can liken this to our own foundation. If our walls are not built on His Word and Commandments, then our foundation is sure to crumble. The might of God is displayed when we pray together, aloud, and offer prayers up to our Lord. That is why the Holy Rosary is such a powerful weapon against the evil one.

Another famous story is from a dream of St. Don Bosco. In this dream, Don Bosco saw a great vision of our Holy Father steering and guiding a ship through the depths of sea. There were two pillars stabilizing the ship: one was the Eucharist Lord, and the other was Mary the Help of Christians.

Learn More About the Rosary Congress

The goal of the Rosary Congress is to spread the Good News and help those around us fighting spiritual battles each and every day. Together we offer our struggles, fasting, and prayers, calling out to Christ, Who will ultimately lead us to eternal salvation.

To learn more about the Rosary Congress, or to find out how to start a Congress in your diocese, visit  www.roasrycongressusa.org.


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