Episode 104, "In the Footsteps of Blessed Carlo Acutis"

Embodying the New Eucharistic Revival

Mark and Sarah Zydeck and Margy Nagel founded the Real Presence Apostolate of Michigan years ago. They have tremendous displays of Eucharistic miracles from throughout the ages and encourage parishes to use them as a powerful tool of evangelization and formation. We are in a period of Eucharistic Revival and this ministry allows people worldwide to use these tools to learn more about Christ’s Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist. The website can be found at www.rpamichigan.org


Awareness Breeds Faithfulness

Mark has been active in faith formation for many years. He became aware of the work of a Titian young man, Blessed Carlo Acutis, who cataloged many Eucharistic miracles and their story. He felt a kinship with Carlo who also understood Christ’s Real Presence and the lack of understanding of most Catholics on the subject. The largest group of Christians in the world is Catholic, and the second is fallen away Catholic. Yet, how could anyone leave the church, with all its human imperfections, if one really understood the real Presence?

Spreading Miracles

The group has helped many parishes in Michigan display miracles, and their goal is that every church participate. They are also assisting parishes in other states. They have photographs online that can be downloaded and they encourage people to go to their website and get involved.


Bring a Miracle to Your Parish
Mark and Margy discuss several Eucharistic miracles in the interview, and their passion for the work is palpable. The best way to learn about the Eucharist is to search for truth; they want to assist you and your parish. Again, go to rpamichigan.org for more information, and reach out to them, especially in this time of Eucharistic renewal.


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