Episode 129, Dr. Tom McGovern's Path to True Healing



Dr. Tom McGovern, MD, a native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, runs a dermatology practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With over two decades of experience, he is an esteemed author ("What Christ Suffered") and radio co-host ("Doctor, Doctor"). Additionally, he served as the inaugural chairman of the Novis Medicus committee of the Catholic Medical Association, dedicated to reaching out to pre-medical students, medical students, and young physicians. He and his wife Sally have been married for 33 years and have been blessed with seven children. Dr. Tom has endured prolonged bouts of severe anxiety, which had a profound impact on every aspect of his life, including his medical practice.


Battling Anxiety in the Medical Field

The practice of medicine presents immense challenges, with rigorous training and demanding experiences. Early on, Dr. Tom developed a mindset driven by the need to succeed and please his parents, striving for success at all costs. A medical career can become all-consuming, and the relentless pursuit of perfection only fueled his anxiety. How much achievement is truly enough? In those days, he would answer, "just a little more." He had sought counseling and relied on medication, even spending a year in seminary before leaving due to his emotional instability. He felt trapped in a never-ending cycle until he embarked on a transformative healing journey. 


The Search for True Healing: Moving Beyond Medication and Therapy

For a significant portion of his life, Dr. Tom relied on antidepressants to alleviate his symptoms. He attempted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but in retrospect, he realized it never addressed the underlying root causes of his problems. It was through his encounter with Dr. Bob Schuchts, founder of the John Paul II Healing Center in Jacksonville, FL, that he finally began addressing the deeper sources of his wounds, essential for true healing. One must heal the wounds before experiencing genuine restoration. Dr. Tom gradually recognized the importance of balance and the need to step off the treadmill he had constructed.


Moments of Grace and Redemption

During a moment of prayer while an exorcist interceded for him, Dr. Tom sensed the presence of Our Lady. He was told, "When Our Lady appears, demons flee, and it is all over."


There was a time when he believed that everyone could be healed except for himself. He recalled an incident from his early years as a first-grader, when his mother asked him to grade papers written by sixth-graders. Unable to read cursive, he felt inadequate and burdened by shame. However, recalling that vulnerable moment later in a time of prayer, Jesus enveloped him with His love, comforting him from behind. Dr. Tom wept profusely, discovering immense healing through this experience. His staff also noticed a change—his anxiety had previously made him a physician whom the staff preferred to avoid. As he began his own healing journey, the atmosphere in his office transformed, and the staff's attitudes and behaviors noticeably improved.


The Journey Continues: Embracing God's Unconditional Love and Ongoing Healing

He recounts an episode where he had a vision of Jesus offering him His heart. Once again, he wept uncontrollably, finding further solace and restoration. Love flooded his heart. Dr. Tom understands that this healing process is ongoing and his journey continues. Yet, his anxiety has diminished significantly, as he now understands that Jesus Christ loves him unconditionally, right where he stands. He no longer needs to earn God's love, for he has come to realize that God's love is boundless and unearned.


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