Episode 29 with Maureen Digan

Maureen and Bob Digan’s introduction to suffering 

Maureen was 12 years old and Bob was 14 when they first came into contact with one another. Two years later Maureen woke up for school and noticed her leg was painfully swollen. Brushing it off, she journeyed to school but the symptoms worsened with time.  Her mother took her to a doctor and was told she had a disease called lymphedema, or Milroy’s disease.

Maureen’s leg continued to worsen and the mainstay of treatment was strict bed rest and antibiotics; this was extremely difficult for a teenager who was active and desired to run outside with friends. Maureen had undergone more than 60 operations, and eventually she developed gangrene and required amputation.  

Angry at God, but Who Wouldn’t Be?  

Maureen was alone through all of the suffering and trapped within the four walls of her room. She was constantly disappointed and suffering from the loneliness and pain. The pain and anguish began to boil inside of her, and left her angry at God and feeling hopeless. Expecting all of the tribulation to end, years later it was obvious the other leg was effected as well. At this point, Maureen’s heart was hardened and she never wanted to hear God’s name nor see his face again.

Looking back, she now knows that God was with her and carrying her every step of the way, and He never left her side. She goes on to tell of God’s great mercy. She speaks those who are undergoing similar trials that she has gone through, and tells everyone never to give up hope.

Bob’s faith was key to her healing

Bob went to Father Seraphim Michalenko,MIC, and a known authority on the message of Divine Mercy as revealed to Saint Maria Faustina, and told him the three needed to go to Poland as Maureen was to have a healing and the miracle would be used in Maria Faustina’s beatification. Praying at her tomb, Maureen sarcastically asked Maria Faustina to heal her. Over the next 24 hours or so, Maureen’s leg went completely back to normal. Though Bob and Father Michalenko were not surprised at all, Maureen was in absolute shock, and was afraid she was losing her mind!

The process for an individual to become canonized in the Catholic Church is one miracle for a beatification and one miracle for a canonization. After the miracle is approved,  it is sent off to be signed by the Holy Father who then sets a date for the beatification or canonization. Maria Faustina was beatified on April 18th, 1993, on the Feast of Divine Mercy. Even Saint Faustina’s sister was able to attend, although she passed away not too long after. Over 100,000 people attended her beatification. 


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