Episode 41 with Terry Barber

In this interview, Terry Barber discusses ten suggestions from his book, “How to Share Your Faith With Anyone.”

He stresses the importance to being able to “tell your own story” briefly but succinctly as to why you love the Lord and your faith.
Everyone has a story – but we must be open to sharing it.

Engage the Other Person

Terry shares some great stories of how to respond when being attacked.

He encourages polite and loving engagement with the other and helps you understand that we must speak the truth in love.
He shares how he handled an awkward situation with Hell’s Angels years ago and got them to realize the magnificence of God.

There Are No Coincidences with God

Many are unbelievers or lukewarm today.

Terry shares the story of a man saving a drowning boy during World War II;
his mother gave the man a Miraculous Medal as a token of appreciation.
The two met many years later as the now elderly man was on his deathbed,
and the priest asked him how he got his Miraculous Medal.

You won’t want to miss this story!

People Need Hope

We are to let our light shine before men, and be a beacon a hope to a world searching for peace.

Don’t hide your faith under a bushel basket!
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!


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