Episode 54 - with Ted Flynn

Ted Flynn is an accomplished businessman and author. He has traveled to over fifty countries and lived for two years in Poland and then Belarus.

He has written several well-known books, such as Thunder of Justice and Idols in the House. 

Today we will discuss his latest book, Diabolical Disorientation. The book details how America is heading towards communism and not socialism. 

Are Communism and Socialism different? 

Former Russian President Gorbachev said that communism would have worked but it went too fast.

In both socialism and communism it is all about power, but socialism does it much more slowly, and freedoms are lost more insidiously. Eventually, however, the results are the same. Gorbachev said one difficulty the government had was that they could not eradicate Christianity as Russians had over 1000 years of faith. 

Eradicating Christianity and making the government the answer to everything could not be accomplished. 

Who were Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky?

There were brilliant philosophers who wrote books on overthrowing democracies, and people like George Soros follow their game plans today.

Hillary Clinton was a big fan of Alinsky, whose most-read book was dedicated to Satan, “the first rebel.”

What is the Ultimate goal?

Through control of the media, education, and the eradication of Christianity and loss of respect for human life, they believe that ultimate power will be theirs. 

Ted’s book, Diabolical Disorientation, is available at Sign.org as well as his other books and articles.

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