Episode 118, Discover the Truth Behind Catholic Devotion to Mary and the Saints



In this episode, we will be diving into a topic that has been a source of much confusion and misunderstanding - the role of Mary and the saints in Catholicism. Marcus Peter, a Catholic theologian, evangelist, and founder of the St. Peter Institute for Scripture and Evangelization, shares his insights on the subject.


Understanding the Communion of Saints

One of the most common misconceptions about Catholicism is that by praying to Mary and to saints for their intercession, we are breaking the First Commandment and worshiping someone other than God. However, as Catholics, we worship only God, and Mary’s role is to bring people to Jesus. Marcus explains the Catholic belief in the communion of saints through which we understand that those in heaven who have gone before us can pray for us and ask God to hear our cries.


Mary as the New Eve

In the Old Testament, there is a concept of the Queen Mother. Marcus explains how Mary can be seen as the new Eve, who has been redeemed by the saving death of Christ and is a cause of life instead of death.


Mary, Full of Grace

When the angel came to Mary, she was called "full of grace." Marcus delves into the Greek words used, which meant that Mary has been, is, and will always be full of grace. Her fullness of grace is a result of the saving death of Christ.


In conclusion, Marcus hopes to shed some light on the Catholic teachings regarding Mary and the saints, and how they play a significant role in our faith. He is available to speak at conferences or parishes, and you can reach him through the St. Peter Institute for Scripture and Evangelization's website.


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