Episode 126, From Darkness to Redemption: Shawna Arnold's Unforgettable Journey of Abortion, Addiction, and Divine Love



Shawna Arnold, a resident of Saskatchewan, Canada, endured a challenging upbringing in a dysfunctional household. Her poignant memoir, "A New Heart - My Story of Abortion, Addiction, and Conversion," eloquently narrates her journey from being lost to being found. The book is available for purchase on her blog site, www.shawnaarnoldblog.wordpress.com. Within its pages, Shawna candidly explores the tumultuous dynamics of her addict mother, her distant workaholic father, and the dearth of affection she received from them. The stabilizing force in her life came from her devoted grandmother, with whom she spent significant amounts of time.


From Dysfunction to Redemption

Regrettably, Shawna found solace in destructive behaviors at a young age, succumbing to the temptations of drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. As a consequence, she became pregnant and underwent an abortion. However, at a pivotal moment, Shawna realized that she needed assistance and decided to return to her faith by attending church.


Finding Forgiveness through St. Faustina

During her spiritual journey, Shawna encountered a compassionate elderly woman and a retired priest who played instrumental roles in guiding her. She attended a retreat for post-abortive women at Rachel's Vineyard, which served as a catalyst for her gradual healing process. At a subsequent youth retreat, Shawna experienced a profound connection with God, where she felt His immense love for her. Burdened by a sense of pain, shame, and guilt, she questioned whether God could forgive her transgressions. Nonetheless, she found solace in the words spoken to St. Faustina, as the Lord revealed that "the greater the sinner, the greater the right to My mercy."


The Worth of a Soul

In her spiritual growth, Shawna recognized the value of humility as a cornerstone virtue. She drew inspiration from the remarkable Mother Teresa, who perceived the inherent beauty within every individual, regardless of their social standing.


Embracing Self-Acceptance

Realizing that God's love extended to her was a transformative moment in Shawna's life. She also discovered the importance of self-love and recognized that maintaining a spiritual path requires ongoing effort due to the inherent fallibility of being human. Shawna now aspires to share the message of hope with others, particularly teenagers grappling with life's challenges and struggling with low self-esteem.


To connect with Shawna, whether for inquiries, speaking engagements at your church or conferences, or to purchase her book, please visit www.shawnaarnoldblog.wordpress.com.


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