After a Vision of Jesus on the Cross

Episode 38 with Rabbi K. A. Schneider


Rabbi K. A. Schneider summary

Is Christianity a Continuum of Judaism?

Watch this riveting story of a Messianic Jew and his work telling others of Jesus Christ.

His Early Years

Rabbi K. A. Schneider grew up in a Jewish suburb of Cleveland.

The early years of formation focused on memorization of prayers, learning traditions, and reading Hebrew.
He was never taught that he could have a personal relationship with God. 

During his teenage years, he became involved in the sport of wrestling, and he worked hard and loved the sport.
But through these years and into college and beyond, he was struggling to find himself and purpose in his life.

What happened in 1978?

One night while in bed on a summer night, the Lord awoke him from his sleep.

Jesus Christ appeared on the Cross,
and a red ray of light beamed straight down on His head;
he knew it was from God as it was coming from above.
That led him on a journey of evangelization that has taken him all over the world.

The Persecution Began

He was rejected by his family and friends because of his new found faith in Yeshua (Jesus Christ).
But he has withstood tremendous rejection and his faith never wavered.

His Work Now

Rabbi has a television show, has written books, and continues to evangelize the Good News worldwide.

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