Episode 65 with Fr. Don Calloway

Father Don Calloway is a priest in the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception, and serves as Director of Vocations in the order. 

Why do we pray to Mary and the saints?

People occasionally come up to me, more in this time of COVID, to pray for them or a loved one.

All prayer ultimately goes to Jesus. Catholics believe in the communion of saints, that we have a family in heaven and can ask them to pray for us. Our Lord wants us to be part of the family of God, and everything is ultimately about Him. He wants us to help each other.

Certain prayers, such as those during Eucharistic Adoration, are forms of worship, but prayers of intercession to Mary or the saints are not the same as acts worship offered to God Mary. 

“Hail (Mary) full of grace” 

The New Testament was originally in Greek and the word for “full of grace” actually meant, “Hail, you who have been for a long time full of grace.” Mary is the immaculate one, and was not born with the stain of original sin. She is not God and still needs God just like the rest of us. 

The “New Eve”

Adam and Eve were our first parents, and they sinned.

Jesus is the new head and Mary is the new Eve; she is the mother of all the living. She is a gift to us from God, and the mother of all Christians. Jesus gave her to us, and not just John when he said from the cross, “Behold your mother.”

Do Catholics worship statues, Images, and icons - something contrary to the 10 Commandments?

Many of us have a picture or photo of our family in our wallets or home; it is a remembrance of those we love.

We are not worshipping as God our family and certainly not the paper the photo was printed on. Sacred images are a “window to heaven,” and are reminders of how much we Love Jesus, Mary, our departed loved ones, etc.

What is Mary’s role?

Mary’s role is to bring people closer to her Son, Jesus Christ. She is the greatest disciple. She reminds us to do just as in the wedding feast at Cana, “Do whatever He tells you.” 

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