Episode 106, Cattellyst: A New Kind of Non-Profit

Todd Huber is husband to his wife Marcy, and father to four children ranging in age from ten to two. Todd graduated from the Naval Academy and Stanford as an aerospace engineer, and received an MBA from MIT. He was an F/A-18 strike-fighter pilot and test pilot in the Navy for over 20 years and retired in 2018. He now leads the non-profit he founded, Cattellyst. It seeks to accelerate the eradication of extreme poverty in communities that have experienced it for generations. 

The Fruit of a Single Encounter

Todd met St. Mother Teresa very briefly in Calcutta back in 1996 and the experience has echoed throughout his life. Today, Todd works through six major areas as Cattellyst tries to improve the lives of the impoverished in India. Cattellyst focuses on communities that face complex and powerful system forces that undermine the broader impact in any single channel.


Solutions for a Complex Problem

The dynamics of these systems cause hardships to endure year after year, despite noble work and extensive resources of global organizations and local leaders. Combinations of actions powerful enough to create sustainable change at the system level exist, but are prevented by a broad set of barriers. Cattellyst believes in the greatness of people, however, and that the local people generally know the needs better than outsiders. Cattellyst works in remote mangrove islands and also outside the city of Hyderabad in India. One village they assist, for instance, has 20,000 residents without a single physician and exists with extremely limited medical care. Cattellyst aims to provide such communities with lasting solutions


To find out more about the work or help financially go to Cattellyst.org

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