Episode 130, Building Faithful Families: The Legacy of Venerable Father Patrick Peyton



Father Fred Jenga, a member of the Holy Cross Order and President of Holy Cross Family Ministries, grew up in Uganda and has ambitious plans for the ministries he leads. In our conversation, we will delve into those plans and explore the profound impact of prayer. Many of you may recognize two notable figures from the Holy Cross Congregation: Saint Brother Andre Besette and Father Patrick Peyton. In a previous interview with Father Michael Delaney, rector of the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal (Episode 105), we delved into the life of Brother Andre. Today, we will also touch upon Father Peyton's cause for canonization, which is currently underway. You can find more information about Holy Cross Family Ministries at hcfm.org.


Supporting Family Prayer Life

Father Jenga was raised in a devout Catholic family and village in Uganda. He was actively engaged in the church, and his interactions with numerous religious eventually led to an invitation from one of the Brothers to join the Holy Cross Order. Father Jenga was recently named president of Holy Cross Family Ministries, an umbrella organization for various ministries which perpetuate the message of Venerable Father Peyton to prioritize prayer, especially the Rosary, and nurture faith within the family unit. Family Theater Productions creates faith formation programs and movies to nourish the family spirit, while the Family Rosary USA develops devotional materials. Rosary International provides materials for global use, and the Peyton Institute for the Domestic Church focuses on producing resources for families. Additionally, Catholic Moms actively supports mothers in fulfilling their sacred calling. Details about each of the Holy Cross Family Ministries can be found at hcfm.org.


Father Patrick Peyton: An Inspiration for Families

Father Patrick Peyton has achieved the status of venerable and is on the path to canonization. He is buried within the grounds of Stonehill College, operated by the Order of Holy Cross and located just 30 minutes outside Boston, Massachusetts. The Peyton Center, also located at the Holy Cross headquarters, is an important part of Holy Cross Family Ministries.


Father Jenga stresses the crucial need for a saint dedicated to the family during these turbulent times. As children, many of us would hear our parents say, "The family that prays together stays together." Father Jenga initiated the "Peyton Prayer Groups for Children," a movement that has been rapidly expanding across the globe. Prayer invites God into the family and makes it possible to live God's love through acts of kindness, forgiveness, and mercy. 


Father Jenga's Vision for the Future 

In his previous role as regional director, Father Jenga gained valuable insights during his seven-year tenure. Recognizing the power of social media, he has leveraged effective ways to communicate and evangelize with the laity. Father Jenga highlights the importance of collaboration with the laity, as priests cannot bear the entire burden alone. He acknowledges the need for increased involvement and active participation of the laity in ministry. However, he also emphasizes the significance of spiritual formation, as without it, burnout becomes inevitable. 


To access comprehensive spiritual formation resources for your family, please visit hcfm.org.


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